​I'm Anna Hollinrake, award winning creative director, BAFTA Breakthrough Brit, and now co-founder and Creative Director of my own indie studio Electric Saint. With eight years in video games and animation, I have worked as an Art Lead on Fall Guys, building the Creative Services team from the ground up to support a 50 million player free-to-play-launch. My time has also been extensively spent in game development, as an artist and art director defining art styles on independent titles such as Lola and the Giant and Arca's Path VR, and creating concepts, UI and environments for much loved IPs such as Adventure Time and Magic: The Gathering​. Outside of the games sphere, I have worked in 2D animation for television, art directing the CBeebies show Love Monster. I have contributed to MCV/Develop and ImagineFX magazines, and have worked with clients including IGN and Apple.

Alongside working in studio, I love to teach and help others. I speak regularly on the nature of creativity, the need for greater awareness of mental health, and the importance of strong worldbuilding in games. Lesser (but also very valid) interests include tailoring, film and collecting too many art books.

Photo credit: Fiona Garden for NME
    Creative Director - Electric Saint
Creative Services Art Lead - Mediatonic
        ​Fall Guys
        Pitch Art Lead, TBA
Art Director - Karrot Animation
        ​Love Monster, BBC 
  Senior Artist - Dream Reality Interactive
        ​Apart of Me
        Arca's Path VR
  Senior Artist - Climax Studios
        Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion
        Lola and the Giant
        Hunters Gate

    2D/3D Artist - Stainless Games
​        Magic: Duels
​        ​       - Kaladesh
​        ​       - Eldritch Moon
​        ​       - Shadows Over Innistrad
​​        ​       - Oath of the Gatewatch

​    Graduate Artist - Paw Print Games
​        Bloody Zombies
    Reboot Develop Blue, October 2022
    Develop, July 2022
    BAFTA Guru Live, November 2020
    Confetti Institute, March 2020
    PinkNews LGBT Leaders in STEM, Feb 2020
    NHS PsychTech, November 2019
    NFTS, February 2019
    BAFTA Guru Live, September 2018
​    Children's Media Conference, July 2018
    Get Into Gaming, May 2018
    Vertex, March 2018
    Gamesforum, January 2018
    London is Unreal, November 2017
    Develop VR, November 2017
    Escape Studios, October 2017 
    Arcadia, September 2017
    VideoBrains, June 2017
    Feral Vector, June 2017
    BAFTA Guru Live, May 2017
    VFX Festival, February 2017
    Rocket Jump, October 2016
    NME, February 2023
    MCV, May 2022
    ImagineFX, June 2020
    Apple, January 2020
    IGN, December 2019
    BAFTA, December 2018
    GamesTM, February 2018

    MCV, February 2018
    Develop, December 2017
    ImagineFX, September 2017
   MCV 30 Under 30 2020
   Women in Games Creative Impact Award nominee 2018, 2020
   BAFTA Games Awards juror 2018-2020
​   BAFTA Childrens Awards juror 2018-2019
Game Dev Heroes Art and Animation winner 2018
   Changemaker Children's Media Conference 2018
   GamesIndustry.biz 100: Future Talent
   MCV Rising Star 2018
   BAFTA Breakthrough Brit 2017
   BAFTA Crew 2017-2019
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